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The unspeakable murder of the Newtown staff, teachers and children is just too hard to take. Our prayers, thoughts and tears are with all the families involved. Advertisements

Questions you don’t anticipate

My food-allergic son is 9 (9 and 1/2 if you ask him). It’s an age where boys think about “like-liking” people. When I put my son to bed at night, we talk about his day and things he’s feeling. We’ve talked about the girls he “like-likes” before, mostly because he wants to buy his favorite […]

Store bought cookies

As all of us food allergy partners know, finding food-allergy friendly food that is both allergen-free and tasty can be really hard to do. Some brands that I won’t mention just aren’t good- cardboard is often more flavorful. When it comes to cookies, finding a yummy treat is even harder. Welcome to Lucy’s (formerly Dr. […]

Special needs

Do you consider your food-allergic child to be “special needs”?