Store bought cookies

As all of us food allergy partners know, finding food-allergy friendly food that is both allergen-free and tasty can be really hard to do. Some brands that I won’t mention just aren’t good- cardboard is often more flavorful. When it comes to cookies, finding a yummy treat is even harder.

Welcome to Lucy’s (formerly Dr. Lucy’s). Tonight we sampled the “Holiday Sugars.” One word – delish! There are as good if not better than many “regular” cookies out there. Free of peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs and gluten, they are a must have this holiday season.





  1. Crystal Olvera · · Reply

    Where did you purchase these? I’m interested in buying, but i’ve never seen them in my H-E-B store.

    1. hi Crystal. We’ve found Lucy’s at both Whole Foods and Shop Rite stores. You can also order them at, or use the zip code locator to find products near you.

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