Monthly Archives: July 2012

Tengda does right by food allergic friends

Tengda is one of our favorite places to eat because raw fish is one thing our son is not allergic to. This week, with some family friends, we took the leap to hibachi. We had enough people to have a grill to ourselves. We all agreed to eat only items our son could eat so […]

Dedication to food allergy safety

When our son was 16 months old, we learned about his peanut allergy the hard way. After learning as much as we could about food allergy management, it came time for our son to be enrolled in daycare. Putting your child in daycare is hard for all moms (ok dads too) and even harder with […]

Disappointed in the Maritime Aquarium

For the past few years, my son was able to enjoy food-free movies at the IMAX theater at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk. In fact, it’s the only movie theater he’s ever been at. With his peanut allergy, movie theaters just aren’t safe. Sadly, the Maritime Aquarium has taken this pleasure away. We’re disappointed that […]