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Epi-pen is not a side dish

Dear restaurants, schools, etc.: the answer to the question “does this dish contain (insert allergen here)” is not “well, you have an Epi-pen in case it does, right?” If you aren’t certain about the ingredients, you cannot eat it. Epi-pen is for emergencies only and is not a guarantee. An Epi-pen is not a side […]

“Yes, it’s that serious.”

“Yes, it’s that serious.” How many times have you said that to someone in a restaurant? When I travel, even without my son, I always tell the server that I have a peanut allergy. First, I like to see how they handle it in case I’m ever there with my son. Second, g-d forbid I […]

Heard about these can’t wait to try them!

Peanut and Gluten free goodness

Free EpiPens for Schools

Mylan Inc., the maker of EpiPen and EpiPenJr., has announced the launch of the EpiPen4Schools program. To participate in EpiPen4Schools, a school nurse or other authorized school representative must visit to download the order and certification form, then fax or email the form with a valid prescription to 1-973-718-4328 or Alternately, school representatives […]

McDonald’s Does Give a Care

While I hate to admit it, we go to McDonald’s. Believe it or not, they have many foods that kids with food allergies can eat. And let’s admit it- french fries are just good. We noticed recently that McDonald’s has put up a sign at the drive-through asking to be informed if a customer has […]

Babysitters, Nannies and Caregivers oh my

If getting ready to go back to school isn’t hectic enough, finding allergy aware caregivers can make this time of year downright overwhelming. Here are some tips I’ve picked up over the years to make finding the right caregiver for your food allergic child a little easier. 1. Try to get a referral from another […]