Monthly Archives: February 2017

2017 Allergy Friendly Baseball Games

We attended the Peanut Allergy Aware suit game at Yankee Stadium last year. Game was great, as was the peanut free food, our new peanut free friends and the Yankees staff. We’re really looking forward to this year’s game!! For current information about peanut aware games near you, check out this link: Advertisements

Auvi-Q Update

Like many of you, we were very excited for the much anticipated re-release of the new and improved Auvi-Q on February 14. After much effort and many calls, we found that neither our local CVS or Walgreens had any in stock.  Neither pharmacy had a firm date for delivery.  Other eager parents have encountered the […]

Colleges and Food Allergies

As my son gets ready to enter high school, I’m already starting to focus on how he will manage his allergies when he goes to college.  As I find information, I’ll keep you all updated here.  As a start, below is an article from the Seton Hall student newspaper, the Setonian.  It’s great that Seton […]