Monthly Archives: June 2012

Thumbs Up for Turkey Hill Dairy

We recently attended a peanut-free game at Yankees Stadium on Mother’s Day (Go Yanks!).   Part of the allergy-free food line-up included vanilla Turkey Hill ice cream.  After we were assured by staff that the ice cream was safe, we dug in.  It was both safe and delicious. After the game, I decided to follow […]

The “cheese experience”

I love finding new, allergy free delights.   And by delights I mean things that taste good.  Or at least sound like they taste good. So, I’m reading this month’s issue of Allergic Living magazine and I’m looking through the “Allergy Shots” section where new products are highlighted.  One of the products this month is “Daiya […]

Peanut free find

After almost 8 years, my son enjoyed his very first ice cream cone. Ironically, found this peanut free cone at Whole Foods. Bought these cones with the hope that they were peanut free (no “made in a facility ….”) label. Checked the manufacturers website and alas, a new peanut free delight. They are also egg […]

Food Allergy Fumble

Just went to one of our favorite food shopping spots, Whole Foods. The usually allergy-friendly grocer made a major food allergy fumble. Located in the main travel aisle of the Milford store was a substantial peanut butter sample station. The location of the sample station right near the checkout area was disturbing. To make matters […]

Cool new way to stay safe

MedicAlert and Root have joined together to create a cool new way to stay safe on a fashionable way. The Sports Medical ID Watch is sporty, attractive and a great way to have your allergy information handy. Available on women’s and men’s styles, the watch is priced at $89.95 for women and $99.95 for men. […]

Disney update!

Just received info on Disney’s new food allergy meal planner.  This link is below.  Safe and happy travels!  

Summer Camps, Part 1

It’s almost that time… summer camp.  Finding allergy-aware camps for kids with food allergies can be a real challenge and I’m always on the look-out for a fun, educational and allergy-aware environment.   Based on the experience of the CTFoodAllergyMom, the following camps get a thumbs up: Connecticut YMCAs Connecticut is fortunate to have a […]