Monthly Archives: September 2012

Some Food Allergy Facts

With the upcoming Walk for Food Allergy on October 7 in Milford, it’s a good time remind ourselves about the sad facts of food allergies: →1 in 25 children have a food allergy →Over 25% of children experience their first allergic reaction to food at school from an undiagnosed food allergy →The most fatal food […]

You’re not “a little allergic”

I recently read a story about someone who said she was “a little” allergic to shellfish. Much like being pregnant, you are either allergic or you’re not. Just because your first reaction was slight doesn’t mean the next one won’t kill you. ALWAYS CARRY AN EPI-PEN!

Fox CT Morning Extra Talks about Food Allergies

A Peanut and Latex Free School Environment

Hamden Hall Country Day School has always been a “peanut free” school.  While some allergy groups and allergy parents don’t agree with “peanut free” policies, the CT Food Allergy Mom certainly appreciates it.  Especially for elementary school children, the ability to learn without the constant fear of death makes the school day a lot more […]