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Emergency Hurricane Preparedness

Make sure you know where your epi-pens and Benedryl are in case you need to evacuate. Pack snacks for your allergy. Advertisements


For the record, I don’t agree with not having our food-allergic kids trick-or-treat when all of their friends do. It’s one more chance for them to feel left out. My peanut-allergic son likes the opportunity to parade in his costume. We make it more about the pageantry than the candy. He asks for peanut-free candy […]


Traveling with food allergies is tough.  I suspect not enough wet wipes exist in the world to handle all the need.  And I don’t know about you but I’m forever checking my bag to check “one more time” that we have epi-pens.  It always helps to know your travel-provider’s food allergy policy and to plan […]

Cider warning!!!!!!

We purchased Zeigler’s Spiced Cider today at ShopRite in Milford. As with all things, I checked the label. The cider contains something called “cashea oil.” Cashea oil comes from the cashew, a tree nut. This product contains no warning that it contains tree nuts.

Halloween or how to live through a night of terror

As we get close to Halloween, all us allergy parents start to get a little anxious about that free candy that we send our kids out to beg for. In lots allergy-related blogs, websites, magazines and the like, we’re encouraged to create cute allergy-free “alternative” confections for our food-allergic children. Let’s face it- a) we […]