A Peanut and Latex Free School Environment

Hamden Hall Country Day School has always been a “peanut free” school.  While some allergy groups and allergy parents don’t agree with “peanut free” policies, the CT Food Allergy Mom certainly appreciates it.  Especially for elementary school children, the ability to learn without the constant fear of death makes the school day a lot more enjoyable.  While no place, maybe other than your own home, can be completely “peanut free,” the efforts by Hamden Hall and others like it to create a safe environment are truly appreciated. It’s important to note that Hamden Hall also has created a “latex free” environment. 

Hamden Hall’s policy, set out in this year’s Lower School handbook, is below.  We give them a thumbs up.

Severe Allergy Sensitivity Statement

Hamden Hall Country Day School acknowledges its responsibility to reduce, to a
reasonably practicable extent, the exposure of its students, employees and visitors to latex
protein and peanuts in the school environment. We have students on campus who are
severely allergic to both, and the purpose of this latex and peanut sensitive policy is to
avoid the severe, life threatening allergic reaction while in the school setting.

No latex balloons will be allowed in the school at any time. This includes all school
sponsored events on campus. Nursing and cleaning supplies purchased by the school will
be latex free.

Please do not send in any food that contains peanuts. The cafeteria will also endeavor
maintain a peanut free environment.

For further information on our Peanut and Latex Sensitive policies please contact the
the school nurse.”



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