Holiday Cookie Finds

We allergy parents are very busy this holiday season. Besides the normal holiday preparations and the stress that accompanies, we have the extra job of finding holiday foods our food allergic family members can enjoy. Most times, this means cooking. And lets be honest, our allergy friendly cooking endeavors aren’t always successful. Especially baking.

Enter Mi-Del. For a cookie on the go, for a holiday mixer or those dreaded school holiday parties, Mi-Del offers peanut-free (and gluten free in some case) holiday cookies that my son just loves. Made in a dedicated peanut-free facility, their Candy Cane Cremes and Gingerbread Men are yummy and peanut-free options to hours in the kitchen. Better still, they are available at Stop and Shop.

Go forth and enjoy peanut-allergic friends. Look for info on more allergy friendly treats as we find them.



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  1. Whitney · · Reply

    Hello. How are you? I’m a mom of a PA girl in Southern CT. I don’t know where your readers are primarily located. But I just discovered a nut-free kids’ bakery (bake and decorate your own cookies) place in Trumbull called The Cookie Workshop. We just went for the first time and it was so refreshing to have just a “normal” experience with my daughter that didn’t revolve around her allergy and what she could and could not eat. Great place in case you are local to try it!

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