J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets

We recently had the chance of a lifetime to attend a NY Jets game in one of their awesome suites. One of the perks of these great seats is that a staggering array of food is included. Great for the average fan, potential nightmare for food allergic people.

To my great surprise and gratitude, the NY Jets food service staff are some of the most knowledgable and food allergy aware people I’ve had the chance to meet.

First, cleanliness is a huge issue and they have a team of staff constantly wiping, spraying and cleaning all of the surfaces. Next, the food was well labeled. Most importantly though, the chefs and servers knew all of the ingredients and potential cross contaminants and were able to answer our probing questions in an instant.

We can’t thank the NY Jets enough for making this game such an enjoyable and safe experience. It’s been one more opportunity for our food allergic son to be able to have a “normal” experience. Managing food allergies isn’t easy, but it’s great to see people like the NY Jets staff that “get it.”



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