Big news! State Rep Kim Hunter Rose has submitted Proposed H.B. No. 5537 “AN ACT CONCERNING THE ADMINISTRATION OF EPINEPHRINE TO SCHOOL CHILDREN IN AN EMERGENCY.” The purpose of the Act is to to allow a school nurse to use an auto-injector to administer epinephrine to any student when necessary. We need to email all of the members of the public health committee and ask them to place this item on the agenda for a public hearing. The names of the members are below. Please email them at: first name.last name@cga.ct.gov


Gerratana, Terry B. Chair
Johnson, Susan M. Chair
Slossberg, Gayle S. Vice Chair
Miller, Philip J. Vice Chair
Welch, Jason C. Ranking Member
Srinivasan, Prasad Ranking Member
Alexander, David Member
Arconti, David Member
Bartolomeo, Dante Member
Betts, Whit Member
Cook, Michelle L. Member
Conroy, Theresa W. Member
Davis, Christopher Member
Demicco, Mike Member
Hovey, DebraLee Member
Kane, Robert J. Member
Klarides, Themis Member
Maroney, James Member
Musto, Anthony J. Member
Perillo, Jason Member
Riley, Emmett D. Member
Ryan, Kevin Member
Sayers, Peggy Member
Scribner, David A. Member
Tercyak, Peter A. Member
Widlitz, Patricia M. Member
Ziobron, Melissa H.
Zoni, David




  1. I am a mom with a nut-allergic child, school nurses are allowed to administer auto- inject epi- pens. We supply these to the school and I have never been told that the nurse wouldn’t give it if needed.

    1. Holly- this is for kids that don’t have a prescription either because they’re not aware that they have an allergy because they haven’t had their first reaction yet, or because they don’t have their prescribed pen at school for some reason.

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