Traveling with food allergies is tough.  I suspect not enough wet wipes exist in the world to handle all the need.  And I don’t know about you but I’m forever checking my bag to check “one more time” that we have epi-pens.  It always helps to know your travel-provider’s food allergy policy and to plan as many details in advance.  But travel with food allergies will never be easy.

For those of you who plan travel by air and sea anytime soon, we’ve put together the best links we can find for food allergy/peanut policies for as many carriers that we could locate.  Hope this helps and if you have a travel-related story to tell, by all means, tell.


  • JetblueDoesn’t serve peanuts, uses a buffer zone.

  • American Airlines. Doesn’t serve peanuts, no other accommodation.

  • Delta. Doesn’t serve peanuts and will not serve peanut-containing snacks upon notification.  Will also allow pre-boarding to clean seat.

  • Southwest.  Will make effort not to serve peanuts if notified ahead of time

  • United Airlines.  Does not serve peanuts.

  • US Airways.  Cannot accommodate peanut-free snack requests.


  • Royal Caribbean.  Will make accommodations for all food allergies.

  • Celebrity Cruise LinesStaff is “extensively” trained to handle food allergies.

  • Carnival Cruise Lines. No set policy.

  • Disney Cruise Lines.  No written policy.  Advise in advance.

  • Norwegian Cruise Lines.  Call ahead for vessel-specific allergy procedures.

  • Princess Cruises Requires written notification of food allergy 35 or 65 days prior to departure, depending on destination.


Safe travels!


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