McDonald’s Does Give a Care

While I hate to admit it, we go to McDonald’s. Believe it or not, they have many foods that kids with food allergies can eat. And let’s admit it- french fries are just good.

We noticed recently that McDonald’s has put up a sign at the drive-through asking to be informed if a customer has a food allergy. While we know what we can eat there, we decided to test the new policy.

Our test restaurant was the McDonald’s restaurant in the Devon section of Milford. Cautiously optimistic, we placed our order and advised of our list of allergies. After a momentary pause, we were asked which meal items were for the allergic person. After we told them, they took another pause, told us that those menu choices did not contain our allergens, and our order was completed. At the pick up window, our allergic son’s meal was bagged separately. We were also told again that his meal was ok for his allergies.

All I can say is what a refreshing surprise. Even if we don’t all admit it, we all eat fast food. It’s great to know that at least the Devon McDonald’s is committed to their allergy policy. Big thumbs up to them!

For a list of ingredients in all McDonald’s products, go to MCD ingredients list. Allergens are list in CAPITAL type at the end of each ingredient list.


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