Food Allergy Fumble

Just went to one of our favorite food shopping spots, Whole Foods. The usually allergy-friendly grocer made a major food allergy fumble. Located in the main travel aisle of the Milford store was a substantial peanut butter sample station. The location of the sample station right near the checkout area was disturbing. To make matters worse, the samples were scooped out of a large open bucket.

While I had initially decided to wait and email Whole Foods about my concerns, my inner food allergy mom drove me to action. Thankfully, Darrell, the customer service rep, shared my concern and immediately relocated the peanut samples to an undisclosed location (hopefully out of the store).

Ctfoodallergymom gives Whole Foods (except for Darrell) a thumbs down. We expect more from Whole Foods. I hate to think about the peanut butter laced cracker crumbs throughout the store and on the shopping cart handles. I hope Whole Foods uses better judgment in the future.



  1. I have never been comfortable taking my nut allergic son to Whole Foods. The place is a minefield – we skip entire aisles when shopping there. Good for you for voicing your concerns and taking them to task.

  2. Janice · · Reply

    Thanks for posting and speaking up– One of the main reasons I go there is because they do carry nut-free items we like, including Divvies cookies. Just another example showing that many people without food allergies just don’t get it.

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