Birthday parties!

Birthday parties are tough.  Planning your food allergic child’s birthday party can be daunting- so daunting that every party ends up being held at home “just to be sure.”  Believe me, we’ve been there.

Location, location, location.

Birthday parties are only as safe as the places they are held and the willingness of the staff to help.  Two places the CT Allergy Mom recommends are the The Sports Center of Ct ( and Bounce U (

We recently held our son’s party at The Sports Center of Ct.  While not “peanut free”, the staff took extraordinary steps to ensure our son’s safety.  The staff thoroughly cleaned the party room and went so far as to wipe down the laser tag vest and laser gun our son was to use.  Our party attendant carried hand wipes and made sure the party attendees cleaned hands before and after all activities.  For the activities, we played laser tag and bowling.  Food is not allowed in either activity.  Overall, the staff really understood our safety concerns and worked hard to keep my son safe while he had fun. Pizza was provided and the staff was aware of the ingredients but also provided us with contact info to verify.

CT Food Allergy Mom gives The Sports Center of CT an A+.

While we haven’t held any of our own parties at Bounce U, we’ve been able to attend quite a few parties there.  Like The Sports Center, food is not allowed in the activity rooms.  Hand sanitizer is aplenty and the staff is very helpful once they know that food allergy is an issue.  And, if you’re lucky enough to have a food allergy aware host, even food time can be managed.

CT Food Allergy Mom gives Bounce U an A. (Once we have our own party there, we’ll hope to give them an A+!)


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